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There is one regular contributor, Left Outside, I write on Economics, Society, Migration, the Media and generally pick fights across the internet.

Guest bloggers include Otimtom, who write occasionally on foreign affairs; The Pied Typer who works in Market Research which makes hum one of the most cynical people in the world and Luis Enrique, of prolific commentating fame.

Contact Left Outside

You can e-mail me at leftoutsideblog [@] googlemail [.] com for a chat or if you want to guest post something in keeping with the themes of this site.


Politics Blogs


Paul Sagar

Left Outside is always worth a read for passionate, and frequently irreverent, analysis and comment.

Sunny Hundal

Oi! Enough of the cheek!

Chris Dillow

Left Outside is, I think, entirely wrong

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    1. Oh that would give too much away! My shield of anonymity would be breached!

      Its a league in Thatcham but we’ve not had a match since mid-December because of the weather. Not footballing weather, I can’t say I’m that miffed at the mo.

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