My plan to screw Noddy Holder and save the music industry

The purpose of copyright is to encourage people to make more of something. So…

Slade frontman Noddy Holder is set to earn £800,000 this year from his band’s festive 1973 hit, ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’.

The cash will come from PRS royalties, which stack up through radio, television, jukebox and shop plays as well as compilation album sales, reports

When it comes to music it seems we’ve got the balance incorrect. Nobody writes pop songs with the intention of earning £800,000 40 years hence so any system that encourages that is pretty messed up. At the same time new artists who need some extra money can’t get a start as the revenue from new recording music plummets.

Perhaps we should set up a fund, a Lady Sovereign Wealth Fund, to help new music acts. Older acts like Noddy Holder are expropriated and all their earnings go into a pot. If you’re a music act you can apply for some money and its allocated by lottery. The more you ask for the less likely you are to win like with Royal Mail shares and one act in hundred is audited to stop embezzlement. 

Anyone like/hate this idea?