Double your donations to the poorest people in the world

GiveWell, the charity rating company, has promoted GiveDirectly to top charity in the world. The Malaria Foundation used to be top but has been finding it difficult to put extra money to use. GiveDirectly doesn’t have that problem and can be scaled up unlimitedly so all donations over the next few weeks will be doubled. Donate!

You’ll remember GiveDirectly as the charity that directly transfers cash to people living in absolute poverty in East Africa. They’re getting a 28% annual rate of return, improving mental and physical health, reducing hunger, reducing domestic violence without promoting anti-social behaviour like alcoholism or gambling.

Good Ventures will match donations to GiveDirectly over the next few weeks, up to a total of $5 million dollars. They don’t have marketing department and at least 90% of your donations end up with the world’s poorest. For the next few weeks 190% of your donations will go through. Beat that for a good deed.