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So someone sucked off a few people and someone else has photos. This is, apparently, news. Actually lots of people have photos and it looks like this young girl is about to have a really, really awful time. This article kinda sums up my views on the matter probably better than I could, so I’ll just link and extract:

For those not on twitter 24/7 a girl at Slane Festival didn’t just enjoy Eminem but gave at least two men blow jobs, and was photographed doing it. As is the way with such things the photographs have gone viral.

[S]o many of the seemingly supportive tweets for slanegirl are, in many ways, as problematic as the outright misogynistic slutshaming ones. Many people are saying we all make mistakes, that the boys should be ashamed of themselves as much as she is, asking why no one is shaming the young men involved. Newsflash folks, people have sex at festivals, people like receiving blow jobs, and amazingly lots of women like giving them.


The issue with slanegirl is not what she did, with who, or how many times, but with the instant rush to condemn any female who dares exhibit any form of sexuality that does not pass patriarchal approval.  That so many women, and those who describe themselves as feminists are the strongest supporters of this denial of female desire is a sad feature of twenty-first century life. An equally sad feature is that teenagers can not experiment and explore without camera phones spreading their explorations all over the internet.

Although I hope nothing comes of it (I wouldn’t wish prison or the sex offenders’ register on anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary), the final note on that post give me some hope that some very horrible people might have shudder of fear run down their spine. Even if their horribleness is entirely conventional:

The pictures being linked too may be illegal due to her age under UK and Irish law, even retweeting them (which since she hasn’t given her consent is a pretty low thing to do) is illegal.


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  1. Whilst the general media has since gone on to pick up the story and chime in with expressed horror, one can’t help but wonder about the media’s complicit role in affirming certain stereotypical attitudes towards men and women which invariably go on to become part of the daily lexicon and when unleashed in the modern framework of the web can often have lethal consequences. Because as we all ought to remember, all women are sluts and all men are heroes. Right?

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