The PCC and The Sun: The natural home for those who “care deeply about good journalism”

Stephen Abell, former director of the Press Complaints Commission, has been appointed managing editor of The Sun.

Abell, known as Stig, said he was “proud” to be succeeding Richard Caseby, who left the paper in June.

He added: “As someone who cares deeply about good journalism – and the future of the newspaper industry – this is an opportunity I could not refuse.”

Revolving door regulators you’ll be familiar with. In the press, as in finance, there is a habit of poachers turning into gamekeepers and back again. “Stig” as I’m sure he’ll widely become affectionately known, worked for the PCC during the phone hacking scandal. Fancy that.

The statutory regulator which is supplanting the old PCC would ideally limit this toing and froing, but with greater regulatory power comes greater incentives for newspapers to nobble, so I think we’ll just see regulators’ prices go up.