Pro-Atos propaganda, not journalism, at Huffpost

Since the start of the welfare reforms in 2010, I have noticed a number of urban myths being created which I would like to unpick for a moment. I say urban myths as the examples I will give are shortcut statements that appear to have no origin or have any meaningful evidence to support them.

[There] is a belief that Atos, the company who assesses people for ESA, has declared one or more coma patients as being fit for work… The next urban myth, which has been at the cornerstone of the attacks on Atos on extremist groups like ‘Disabled people against cuts’ and ‘Black Triangle’, is that Atos kills 40 people a week, or whatever it is currently…

Gosh sounds like people are beastly to ATOS.

While Mr Simon Stevens has time to lament the Victimhood Culture [1] of the disabled, he fails to mention that he is employed by Atos. Funny how the little things slip your mind.



[1] add that to your bingo cards next to “playing the race card” and “flatscreen tvs.” [2]

[2] consumer electricals