If you thought I was angry last night…

Are you fucking kidding me?

As Sunny says, the government are now using dated National Front slogans to harass people. This is part of a trend, remember. Only two weeks ago (a lifetime on twitter) we had this evil tweet:

The UK has long assisted illegal immigrants in returning home. Not just in the shove you in an airplane, whoops you’re dead way. But in the way advertised by this van, providing documents and assistance travelling to those who want to leave. The van is a stunt. A vile, nasty stunt.

Overlooking the Conservative Party’s historical animus [1] to immigrants, they’re clearly getting nervous about their reelection chances. When the conservatives get nervous about an election, like in 2001 they reach for the base. No, base instincts, not party base, although come to mention it there is an overlap.

The Tories are stuck between growing support for UKIP and Labour’s structural electoral advantage. To win outright the Tories need a uniform swing of 7%, while Labour only require 1%. Presumably these strategically placed vans (I understand they’re only visiting some areas) are designed to drum up the “right” sort of support without cementing the “nasty party” image.

I thought I’d find it hard to start blogging again, but once again the Tories are making it too fucking easy.


[1] If any fucker thinks they’re being clever by pointing out that Enoch Powell once recruited Jamaican nurses for the NHS they’ll be banned from the comments forever.