Q: How do we save Afghan interpreters? A: Nigel Farage

Afghan interpreters and their families who risked their lives working with British forces are now in danger of being denied asylum and being killed by the Taliban. The coalition are processing them on a case-by-case basis greatly increasing the chance that many will be killed before they can make it to safety.

Liberal Conspiracy, The Times, The Guardian, Paddy Ashdown and Avaaz are protesting this but I’m not sure that will work. So, I would like to make a submission to the bloggers’ logically coherent, counterintuitive, and never going to happen, policy institute.

Get Nigel Farage to help them.

The general arguments in favour of helping the Afghan interpreters runs like this:

  • Moral argument: they helped us, because of that their lives are in danger because of Taliban, therefore we should help them.
  • Noble argument: they helped us because we’re better than the Taliban, so we should help them to prove it.
  • Practical argument: they helped us and if we want others to help us in a similar way we should help them in an organised way.

The counterargument officially runs “it is better to deal with these things on a case-by-case basis,” but the real counterarguments runs  “the coalition have set themselves an arbitrary limit on immigration so we can’t let in lots of Afghan interpreters.”

The government is making everyone in the country poorer by stopping students coming here to study. If the cash cow that are Chinese students aren’t safe then what chance do poor Afghan’s have? Especially when the Tories are running from their UKIP/idiot-right faction

While I recommend you sign the Avaaz petition, I’m not sure protests from the usual suspects will work. The problem isn’t that our arguments are weak or that theirs are strong. Quite the opposite. Its that Afghan interpreters aren’t currently on the public radar and immigration is a toxic topic. So what hopes have we got? 

Joanna Lumley helped the Gurkhas for altruistic reasons, but we can’t always rely on altruism. We need to find someone cynical enough to use refugees for political gain, bulletproof on immigration, and who needs to prove they’re not a racist. What we need is Nigel Farage saying “we need to save these heroes”.

It makes sense. It will help detoxify their brand in a completely nationalist way. It’s pro-armed forces, it lauds the UK’s superiority over the Taliban and it involves a relatively small number of migrants. It’s safe for Nigel and its wise for Nigel.

With the disproportionate press coverage UKIP are currently receiving, this would put the issue into the public domain while also removing the political penalty the Tories fear from arranging a settlement for the translators.

Tim, any chance of you passing this on to UKIP’s strategy guys? Never going to happen. But its an idea.

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  1. As a 3 times UKIP candidate and a UKIP activist, I went on radio LBC , yesterday declaring my branches unwaivering support for the translators in their bid to settle here

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