‘Adam and Steve’?! This almost makes me regret my psydonymity

David Simpson MP announced during the debate on equal marriage ‘it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.’ Confirming once and for all that being clinically braindead is no barrier to high office. O welcome to the land of opportunity.

Of course, This is a man know for his support of homeopathy, so it will come as no surprise the fucking idiot got the line wrong the first time round and said ‘it’s Adam and Steve…err…Eve not Adam and Steve.’

It’s moments like this I want to announce loudly and clearly, and for it to be indelibly recorded in my real name, ‘I am a citizen, an englishman and i say this man is a fucking idiot, and he does not represent me.’ But I won’t. Keep guessing.


One thought on “‘Adam and Steve’?! This almost makes me regret my psydonymity

  1. The worst of the SSM argument is the sheer pooltroonishness it brings out in those who dislike gay people to begin with – and I’m an opponent. Maybe he could be burned as a witch, just for the fun & pour encourager les autres…….

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