I just cooked a chilli using MSG

I think additives and chemicals in food get a bad name. Everything is a chemical after all.

Which looks more dangerous  C6H12O6 or C5H9NO4? I don’t know if you’re familiar with chemical notation so I’ll tell you what each letter means. C is for carbon, H is for Hydrogen, O is for Oxygen and N is for Nitrogen, the numbers refer to the number of atoms present in a molecule.

The first is sugar and the second glutamate and I can tell  you there isn’t really anything dangerous about either from a chemists point of view. In fact, naturally occurring glutamate occurs in some of our most yummy foods, from 1200 mg per 100g of Parmesan to 22mg per 100g of breast milk! So think again before turning your nose up at MSG.

Oh yeah, and the chilli was delicious, which seals the deal for me.