Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person

Welcome to Schadenfreude Tuesdays.

Rebekah Brooks and her husband, Charlie, are being charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice over the phone hacking inquiry…

She is charged – along with her husband, personal assistant Cheryl Carter, chauffeur Paul Edwards, security man Daryl Jorsling, and News International head of security Mr Hanna – with conspiring to “conceal material” from police between 6 and 19 July.

In a second charge, she and Ms Carter are accused of conspiring to remove seven boxes of material from the News International archive between 6 and 9 July.

And in a third charge, Mr and Mrs Brooks, Mr Hanna, Mr Edwards and Mr Jorsling are accused of conspiring to conceal documents, computers and other electronic equipment from police officers between 15 and 19 July.

Some semblance of justice at last. Apropos of nothing in particular, anyone else remember this?

The Evening Standard yesterday interviewed Chris Bryant about his tireless efforts to investigate phone-hacking. This, understandably, annoyed Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade). Here’s Bryant’s version of his last meeting with Rupert Murdoch’s favourite seemingly Teflon-coated, flame-haired executive:

“She came up to me and said, ‘Oh, Mr Bryant, it’s after dark — shouldn’t you be on Clapham Common?”

“At which point Ross Kemp [the ex-EastEnders actor and her then husband] said, ‘Shut up, you homophobic cow’.”

By the way, here is how the gracious Ms Brooks responded to today’s charges.

We have this morning been informed by the Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions that we are to be charged with perverting the course of justice.

We deplore this weak and unjust decision.

After the further unprecedented posturing of the CPS we will respond later today after our return from the police station.

All together now: Aw, diddums!