Tom Bursnall, today’s new Worst Person in the World

Via @ByrneToff, we have an ex-Chairman of Conservative Future, ex-Conservative Party Councillor and future UKIP apparatchik who thinks people on unemployment benefits shouldn’t be able to vote.

He’s being so intensely shitty that I think I’ll do him the honour of promoting him above the entire cadre of the heartless US prison service and make him April 17th’s worst person in the world.

Tim, he’s one of yours, a UKIPer, and you really should do the honours, but I can’t help it. Mr Pro-Capitalist, pay attention this is important:

The primary goal of British political evolution has been resistance to arbitrary rule. Starting with Magna Carta the Baron’s received protection from the King, but this protection had roots going back in theory to the Norman Conquest. Many of these privileges were extended and universalised through the Glorious Revolution and the Bill of Rights in the seventeenth century. Later, when elites tried to use the courts to enrich themselves by seizing land these rights were reinforced by popular resistance to the Black Act by protest and in the courts. These rights were hard won, and hard fought for.

Once again, through the nineteenth century these rights and protections, chief among them the right to vote, were reinforced again  and again by Great Reform Acts, perhaps finally the Suffragettes completed this process in 1928, by getting political rights extended to all, so that everyone could protect themselves from arbitrary rule…Jesus, about a thousand years of history on one theme you seemed to have missed… politics is there to keep people safe from arbitrary rule.

To you Tom, Government may be all about redistribution, but hating poor people has completely blinded you to the main purpose of politics, protecting people from autocrats like you. What is more arbitrary than taking the vote away from people at their most vulnerable? I’m not sure I can think of one, it certainly goes against a thousand years of British history.

I’ll tell you something funny. How you’ll laugh Tom.

You are a member of UKIP, a party whose raison d’etre, if you’ll excuse my filthy French, is to maintain the hard won freedoms of one thousand years of British history from preening, authoritarians…that is…to protect this country from…


UPDATE: I’m not the only one to notice it seems.


2 thoughts on “Tom Bursnall, today’s new Worst Person in the World

  1. You’re quite right about one thing I’ve noticed, which is that UKIP seem to be taking quite the wrong direction: rather than repositioning themselves as a libertarian force that can lay claim to extensive young support (ala Ron Paul, of whom Nigel Farage is a fan) they seem intent on hoovering up the biggest twats they could find, such as Roger Helmer, and potentially Dorries, and now this fuckwit.

    His “arguments” I will not bother to address, I will just say that this is a much sounder argument that the Worstalls of this world should be making (I pointed this out to Thomas Byrne himself).

    Gabb is something of a cunt himself, but I think has made an excellent argument here. The thing about Burlap, as you observe, is that he simply vents his hatred of poor people rather than trying to construct a logical and coherent worldview. And here’s another thing to note. He appears not to mind his views being challenged, but the dominant note is surprise. I would speculate that this is because he’s lived so long amongst the overclass that he just thinks his opinions are normal, and he finds it strange that so many people disagree with these views.

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