To become “fussy and lazy” is the aim

Claude (H/T Jackart) gets upset when people call today’s young people “fussy and lazy.”  This charge is usually employed as a shorthand explanation for one of the following:

  1. Cultural decline – China will rule the world!
  2. Economic decline – China will really rule the world!
  3. Moral decline – China will deserve to rule the world!
  4. Youth Unemployment – The young don’t deserve jobs!
  5. Immigrants are great – They do the jobs young people are too fussy and lazy to do!
  6. Immigrants are terrible – They do the jobs young people normally do and have made them fussy and lazy!

First of all, I don’t blame my generation for lacking a little work ethic or for suffering from a little economic fatalism. The FT report that my generation are no better off than those before and of course we’re also more unemployed than earlier generations. So a little pessimism is to be expected and some of that will present as fussiness and laziness.

That said, doing nicer work and less of it is one of the major driving forces of properly functioning economies. Look at this from the OECD. Now, look at which countries look fussy and lazy, and which look hard working.

I sure like the look of lazy Belgium over industrious South Korea. South Koreans work 30% more hours for 30% less money. To become plump and lazy is what success looks like.