Has crime increased?

So, it seems that the Edwardian period was not very criminal, crime increased substantially after the second world war, or so they say. But we used to lock up gays and not let women vote, which were surely crimes, but would not be recorded as such. So maybe times aren’t so bad now, were you to think they were. Mostly aimed at Laban Tall and Vimothy.


2 thoughts on “Has crime increased?

  1. We used to lock up a lot of people for what is now considered trivial. Today, it takes something rather heinous to motivate the state to take action.Think of all those so-called “criminals” who were denied their liberty by accidents of birth.

    Perhaps, if we factored this into the account, we’d discover that crime has actually fallen!


  2. And hopefully crime will fall still further as we cease to lock up people for victimless crimes by repealing the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, another of the wrongs inflicted on us by that bellend Heath.

    It’s not likely under this coalition, or Labour, because they don’t dare confront reality, but one day.

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