“The second rung of a five-level corporate structure”

Problems the Labour Party may have number 589 of an ongoing series:

With a scoop headlined “Senior Labour adviser defects to the Tories”, readers of Monday’s Independent  were left in no doubt as to the gravitas of party operator Luke Bozier. But the story left one group grinning mirthfully at their BlackBerrys: anyone who had worked in Labour HQ or 10 Downing Street during the tenure of the “Blairite former Labour official”.

With Dan Hodges blogging that Bozier “worked for the party for a while, but not at an especially high level”, Scrapbook can confirm Luke was, in fact, a junior staffer on only the second rung of a five-level corporate structure.

A five level corporate structure of advisers? I do wonder how a party claiming to represent working people – and which more or less did so in the not too distant past – ended up swallowing this corporate, management bullshit so entirely.