Dear David Cameron,

Thanks for the speech, it was great, oh boy, was it great (snigger). Just a few questions for you.

1) Do you think that a man was given leave to remain in the UK because he owned a cat, and that separating a man from his cat breaches his human rights?

Because, that is incorrect. Not only is it incorrect, but you and your Home Secretary should know that. The cat was immaterial to the decision to grant leave to remain and the Home Office themselves knew that. 1.2) Are all your attacks on human rights based on such flimsy evidence?

2) Do you really think “even mighty America is being questioned about her debts”?

The US can borrow over 10 years at 1.76%, that isn’t what it looks like when your debts are being questioned. This is what it looks like when your debt is being questioned. It appears people have never been more desperate for US debt and that the only reason the US has wavered is nutty Republicans in government holding the country to ransom.

3) Do you really think Government, consumers and business can all pay down debt simultaneously, just as the UK’s main export market explodes?

If everyone reduces their outgoings at once…how can anyone’s incomings increase at all? What you are proposing amounts to nothing less than a return to recession. Moreover, you own Office for Budget Responsibility predicts the exact opposite to happen to that which you personally want/expect. They predict household debt to increase rapidly because this is the only way for your deficit reduction plan – and I use the term plan lightly – to work.

I’ll be very grateful for your response as soon as possible, maybe before the economy returns to growth please.


2 thoughts on “Dear David Cameron,

  1. TBH, the idea that people should be paying down debts smacks rather heavily to me of “pay my mates back before you go bankrupt, so we can all run off to the Cayman Islands with the loot, whilst you all starve in penury.” I mean, if you believe that the economy is probably going to crater anyway, it makes sense to get as much out of it as you can before that happens – even if that very action accelerates the decline. Given the choice between (a) the long-term stability of the economy as a whole or (b) huge sacks of cash, right now, they’ll take the latter option every time. It’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

    You can make a fucking fortune during a recession if you’re positioned right.

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