Melanie Phillips is mad as a bag of hammers


Oh… and she’s a cunt for threatening a friend of mine with a vexation and shitty libel suit.


4 thoughts on “Melanie Phillips is mad as a bag of hammers

  1. What? For saying this?

    “Such violence by Jews should not only be condemned unreservedly by all Jewish religious and lay leaders, but also must be acted upon with contumely by the Israeli authorities. No excuses. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that all such perpetrators will be brought to justice, but this just isn’t good enough.

    The violence by Jewish religious extremists will only be curbed when their patrons in politics no longer wield such disproportionate power in political life by holding successive Israeli Prime Ministers to ransom through Israel’s dysfunctional system of institutionalised coalition government. And that ludicrous and self-destructive political system – responsible not only for paralysing Israeli Prime Ministers, empowering religious extremists and widening social divisions but also for the country’s endemic and shocking corruption — will only be ended if an Israeli statesman emerges committed to root-and-branch electoral reform.”

    I’m not saying hey let’s have a party – but it does sadly seem to me that the left has incredible difficulty in ever acknowledging anything ever said by anyone on the right may havae merit; and may indeed be valued by the left.


    1. No, for being a shit and for making stuff up and pretending she hasn’t, for example, repeating demonstrably factually incorrect things about “winterval.” Then threatening a blogger I like about it.

      Also, you’re on the wrong website if you’re looking for someone on the left that “has incredible difficulty in ever acknowledging anything ever said by anyone on the right may havae [sic] merit.” Have a read around.

  2. Look I agree with you about Winterval having read that report to which you linked.

    Please be assured I was not having a personal go at you – you just happened to have a recent post about MP.

    I do think however that someone like Sunny Hundal would have greater respect and credibility if he managed a more balanced site at LC.

    1. Melanie Philips has no doubt recently written some things which are inteligible, perhaps even inteligent, but I still think treating her like she is radioactive waste is sensible because she writes such mindmeltingly hateful things on many other topics.

      I don’t think Sunny wants more respect and credibility from righties, I think he wants to crush them and taste the sweet salt of their tears on his lips, LibCon is run pretty well for what the site seeks to achieve.

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