So travellers/gypsy/pikeys are criminals etc. Anybody got any data?

Apparently travellers are criminals, at least that is what I’m told. I’m also aware that prejudice against travellers is pretty much also the only prejudice which it is acceptable (expected?) to hold. I try not to form opinions on things on anecdote, so I’m looking for some data. Can anyone help?

Travellers provide perfect controlled experiments. We can look at year by year crime stats and see if the arrival (or disappearance) of travellers causes a break in trend. If they are more criminally active than average it should show up and it should be easy to detect.

Now there will be confounding factors, for example, people may be more likely to notice and report low level crime if they know travellers are nearby, likewise they may report crimes which did not happen to gain leverage to have the moved on, similarly you would need to control for travellers merely as an increase in population and density, plus you’d need to control for socioeconomic status (ugly phrase) of the travellers. There are doubtless other things I’ve not thought of.

So, has anybody carried out these tests? If so, why don’t we hear about them, if not, why not?


9 thoughts on “So travellers/gypsy/pikeys are criminals etc. Anybody got any data?

  1. 400 people live on unauthorised plots on dale farm alone. Thats 400 crimes due to gypsies, and we havent even got into the fighting, stealing and raping yet

  2. I have the missfortune to live on a private estate, a landlord purchased the house next door to me at auction after the elderly couple died who owned it.
    This landlord rents it out to Irish Gypsies who get housing benifit rent paid…easy money for the landlord.
    These so called “human beings” are the scum of the earth, the pee everywhere, swear, spit constantly and have damaged several cars in the street, some are in prison, some on suspended sentance, if you have cause to argue with them the next day your car will be covered in human has happened to me, the police and council anti social behaveour dept are worse than useless, loads of meetings with them have resulted in a big ZERO .the resonse is usually “they have human rights”… we the English of course have none.

    1. If I had the misfortune of living next to you, I think I’d be tempted to shit on your car. Also, anecdotes are not evidence.

  3. I can make the distinction between travelers and proper Romany gypsies. The latter I have no problem with. But to all you idiots that think travelers have no association with crime, you need a reality check. Myself and my parents have been robbed multiple times by so called travelers. They disregard the law and wonder why people are prejudice against them. I used to be all for treating them like anyone else until I experience their foul way of life first hand. Absolute scum.

    1. Ooooooooh, anecdotes! Don’t attack me with anecdotes!!!!!

      Jesus. Travellers lived behind my house for about 6 months and I had no trouble whatsoever.

      Data, we need data, data, data, data, data, data.

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