Life Neutral Solutions for the World’s Largest Arms Fair

We, well this country, is currently hosting the world’s largest arms fair at the ExCel centre down the road from me. Lots of lovely dignitaries from vile and autocratic regimes are browsing all the best cluster bombs and torture equipment money can buy. It disgusts me but it is good to see something worthwhile proposed: Life Neutral Solutions, the photo atop this post was taken outside my house.

Based on a modest proposal to emulate carbon offsetting programmes to tackle the unfortunate side effects of weapons use. For every life lost Life Neutral Solutions make sure that a new life flourishes! I hope those working in the arms industry take note of Life Neutral Solutions’ message.


2 thoughts on “Life Neutral Solutions for the World’s Largest Arms Fair

  1. this subject has really captured people’s attention – my blog about it on Friday had by far and away the biggest number of hits I’ve ever had. Hope at least some of those morally-upright arms dealers were embarrassed about it all.

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