Catastrophe temporarily delayed by giving banks more free money

More or less. Once again a reminder, this isn’t about how much the Greeks etc. owe, it is about who they owe, Banks.


Conventional Illiberalism

I blog anonymously because I want to remain free to engage in preference falsification in the future.  I want to say things as a brash young man (barely) in my early 20s which I may otherwise regret as less brash young man in my late 20s who really needs to bullshit those he wants to employ him.

This I think is important.

When Chris says New Labour’s authoritarian streak merely reflected society’s illiberalism I think he underestimates the extent to which New Labour reinforced the public discourse to which people adhere.

There is nothing outlandish in the idea that the financial sector is a coddled, subsidised, clusterfucker of my generation’s life chances, nor that taking drugs is fun, but to express these opinions in public alone may not be wise.

In the most part the market disciplines social conformity, to have the state doing so too constitutes a double whammy. In the 60s the state spearheaded rather “elitist” projects, like not flogging gays or having the state murder people for revenge, [1] today the state reinforces prejudices where it feels it can court public support.


[1] If you think people should die for the crimes they’ve committed then man up; kill them yourself and take the consequences. Don’t try and rig the machinery of the state to do your dirty work for you, coward.