Nadine Dorries defeated, abortion rights safe for now

The debate kicked off badly for Nadine Dorries today, when Cameron said she was “frustrated”, and ended with her losing the vote by a massive 250 majority (368 – 118).

Only 118 arseholes in Parliament? Surely that can’t be right. Oh well, some strongly worded e-mail of disgust will be winging their way to these people in due course.

Anyway, I won’t parade this as any sort of victory for “common sense”, Dorries’ amendment attacking respected abortion counsellors was stupid and unevidenced but it had some clout and organisational backing.

A good campaign by all but, as Sunny says, there are more battle grounds to be fought against those neo-medievalists. Actually people in medieval times fucked all round the houses (the Cathars in particular being very into anal sex, if you want to google that, be my guest).

Neo-Victorian may have been better. Dorries seems to be as obsessed with other people’s sexual organs and sexual habits as the Victorians were. I wonder if she’s read much Foucault.