Marxism as “Exploitation for Dummies” in China

Dave Osler may be surprised – appalled? – at newspaper columnists using Marx as a “how to guide” but capitalists have been doing it directly for years.

Many Chinese entrepreneurs love to think they have a better understanding of capitalism than the west because they had Marxism drilled into them for so long.

That means there is less emphasis on “Brand Management”, “Corporate Culture” or “Blue Sky Thinking” and more emphasis on:

1) Increasing the amount of output per worker without increasing the amount workers are paid.

2) Increasing the amount of time spent working without increasing the amount workers are paid.

3) Reducing the cost of goods workers have to buy, so chucking workers in shabby on site holiday (from hell) camps. Consumption as a percentage of Chinese GDP is about 35% at the mo, a ludicrously low share for such poor people, easily 15% lower than where it “should” be and half of what it is in the US.

4) What else is the Communist Party but a “committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie”?

5) No dangers of overproduction for them, they are intent on exporting as much of what they produce as possible. They didn’t even need to open any new markets, the US’s economy’s financialisation coincided gracefully with China’s Capitalist’s need to export.

Nothing new under the sun. Capitalists have been using Marx for ages, think of that next time you try to ascribe original thoughts to the commentariat.

A thought occurs to me, why aren’t the Chinese more keen on the elimination of the Republican Party in the US? They appear to be doing their damn best to destroy the economy of China’s main market.