Is @mjhsinclair planning on creating a Zombie army of road traffic victims?

The only logical answer is “Yes.”

The TPA chief has offered a non-defence defence of their report.

To see if there was a significant change in the trend, we used a statistical test called a Chow Test. The results suggested there was.

As Michael points out the statistical check is biased by data selection and…

…you could pretty much break the time series where you like, perform a Chow test, get a significant result, and come up with some post hoc justification for that result, just as both the TPA and I have just done.

Mr Sinclair kinda, sorta, conveniently ignores this. Perhaps his Zombies have already taken his brain.

Can we shut down the TaxPayers (sic) Alliance? The country really would be better off without them and their zombie-friendly policies.