Chutzpah: Tim Worstall argues against Pedantry

This really is a bit rich.

Tim says the Joseph Rowntree Foundation gave £70,000 to Richard Murphy.

Don says, bet you a tenner they didn’t.

Tim links to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and says “I claim my £10, send it to UKIP, Don.” He also boasts on his blog.

Don sniggers to himself and says that the Joseph Rowntree Trust and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust are different things, and asks Tim to send £10 to Richard Murphy.

Tim complains that Don is being pedantic. Tim Worstall, complains that somebody is being pedantic.

Cough up Tim, you’ve been done like a kipper. From the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust:

What is the difference between the Rowntree Trusts?
There are three Joseph Rowntree Trusts. They were all set up at the same time, but have different purposes. They are all independent of each other. This is the website for The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The other two trusts are The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. The Family Fund also has no connection with the JRCT.


UPDATE: Tim admits defeat and settles on donating £10 to RNLI.


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