More idle gossip on Aaron Porter

Perhaps foolishly, I am going to continue compiling evidence on the alleged [1] racial abuse of Aaron Porter.

From John commenting here, who claims to have been alongside Porter throughout we have this:

I was walking next to, and videoing, Aaron throughout this incident, at no point did I hear any racist abuse, at no point did I capture any on video. He was surrounded by anti-racist campaigners. As a volunteer for a charity supporting victims of racist abuse I would have been outraged if I had heard such abuse and fully supported Aaron. No one I have spoken to claims to have heard any racist abuse or knows anyone who confronted such abuse. Anyway back to the real story of Aaron’ lack of strong leadership…

I’ve e-mailed asking if it is possible to have the video shot published here/put on youtube.

The AWL have also claimed a vanguard role in the repulsion of Porter from the protest:

Yesterday’s incidents were begun by a group of students from the Hull and Leeds anti-cuts campaigns accosting Porter. This group included several AWL members (incidentally, the one who took the lead and shortly afterwards led chants against Porter, Chris Marks, is Jewish – as many of the anti-Porter protesters will have been). We were at the front of the crowd which chased Porter and thus would have heard any racist chants – let alone a “barrage”! We were also in possession of two of the four megaphones involved.

I still don’t think anyone has much of an idea what happened.


[1] That should be read neutrally.


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  1. And yet the Telegraph states that there was abuse. No doubt the inention is to throw enough crap that some will stick.

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