Bankers at the teat of the state: Council Tax edition

Councils fund a not insubstantial proportion of their operations from council tax, but a lot of their funds come as a local government grant settlement from on high. The Tories think it is ever so unfair for some council to get much larger grants than others. Paul delivers the bankerly smack down:

And just for a laugh, ask which area they think gets the ‘unfairest’ formula grant in their terms.   No, it’s not Manchester, or Liverpool, or any of those poor places. 

It’s the City of London, which gets a whopping 20 times as much in formula grant as it brings in from council tax, because few people live there. 

How unfair is that, Tories!  Make the bankers take their own rubbish to the tip.

I don’t know why Paul is surprised, I’ve been paying to clear up bankers crap for nearly three years now and there’s no end in sight.