Clarification on Aaron Porter

Yesterday I posted a quick blog on the strange lack of evidence that supported early claims that Aaron Porter had been racially abused. This seemed all the more curious as student led protests are going to be smart phone, and therefor camera and microphone heavy affairs.

It has now transpired that rather than being idle gossip, Aaron Porter himself, according to an email to NUS members excerpted by the FT after I wrote my post, claims he was racially abused. I may not like his politics, but nobody deserves to be subjected to racism and I hope this incident is investigated fully.


6 thoughts on “Clarification on Aaron Porter

  1. There was some talk about two people mentioning his race, and these people were in turn shouted down. I’m not sure how substantial this claim is, but Porter seems pretty sure, and it can’t be ruled out – but we should be quick to expose this sort of thing, before “unnamed mail photographers” all around try to use it to tar the whole movement.

    1. follow the links, mainly posted by what appears to be EDL supporters, the video footage they refer to is a repeat mishearing of ‘you’re a fucking Tory too’ People are saying ‘too’ not ‘jew’. However much people may disagree with those who oppose Aaron, false allegations of racism is a dirty trick.

  2. I was walking next to, and videoing, Aaron throughout this incident, at no point did I hear any racist abuse, at no point did I capture any on video. He was surrounded by anti-racist campaigners. As a volunteer for a charity supporting victims of racist abuse I would have been outraged if I had heard such abuse and fully supported Aaron. No one I have spoken to claims to have heard any racist abuse or knows anyone who confronted such abuse. Anyway back to the real story of Aaron’ lack of strong leadership…

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