Is there audio or video evidence of the anti-semetic abuse of Aaron Porter?

Protests continued today against the Tory led coalitions higher education cuts and fee hikes.

Throughout the campaign against the cuts Aaron Porter has been a poor representative of the student body politic. Somewhat dithering, sometimes anonymous and something of an establishment lackey he is not popular a popular man.

That he was chased from a demonstration is surprising solely for the fact nobody had thought to do it earlier. What is surprising is that he is alleged to have suffered a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse at the time.

This has all the hall marks of a smear campaign; designed to undermine the student movement’s legitimacy and distract attention from the reason people were on the streets.

In short it smells fishy.

I am blogging this from my new crackberry. I’m doing so for two reasons; 1) I’m in a rush getting home from work and 2) because they really are addictive. I’m telling you for two different reasons. 1) To excuse any typos and 2) to show that even kinda poor people can afford nice phones with recording equipment and that if there was racism it would have been recorded.

If there was racist abuse, then the ease with which it can be recorded and the import of doing so mean I am comfortable demanding a high level of proof. Until it materialises I’m not willing to waste any more time distracted from the real issue; the Tory’s attack on education.