The Orwell Prize

Here are my submissions. Do recap, dear readers.

  1. Bugger: A brief introduction to climate contradictions
  2. In defence of Cunt
  3. Science says… personalise the cuts
  4. Does China threaten the Environment?
  5. This country doesn’t have an overdraft you twat
  6. On Legal Highs
  7. Does Patrick Mercer think the Taliban’s HIV bombs will work?
  8. Problems with Socialism: What if a more equal society reduces economic growth? Even just a little bit…
  9. How valid is the claim that the twentieth century experience of economic development was ‘Divergence: Big Time’?
  10. Charlotte Gore continues to demonstrate that she doesn’t understand economics

I still like blogging, I will return, this is proving quite frustrating. Enjoy the  above and if any of you know Charlotte Gore can you ask her for an adequate response