In which capitalism reject paranormal woo

Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

Rule 1: If it works, there is someone profiting from it. [1]

Rule 2: If no one is profiting from it, then it doesn’t work. Practitioners of woo take note.


8 thoughts on “In which capitalism reject paranormal woo

  1. Cool table.

    Of course quite a few people are making money out of homeopathy, but not in the way you suggest!

    There was a firm which claimed to invest on the basis of astrology, not sure how well they did.

    I love the idea of the military using hexes.
    That was a theme in “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”.

    1. Yeah, you’ve got to be careful.

      There is a market for “reassuring ill people” and for “curing ill people” and that homeopathy does well in one but not the other should be obvious.

  2. Weren’t the Soviet army supposed to be into remote viewing and psychics and stuff? Further proof of the superiority of socialism, no doubt…

  3. Not bright? This is the same liberal mumbo jumbo i have come to expect from this blog!

    lets see you get a 2:1 in modern history from Oxford.

    He is the perfect man to guide this country through this economic downturn, I don’t think there is anyone denying that!

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