Theresa May squirms on Channel 4 News

42 years ago a group of women went on strike, protesting the fact that their male colleagues were paid around 15% more than they were.

They stood up for their rights, they helped create the first Equal Pay Act, the were the Big Society, and Theresa May Minister for Women and Equality couldn’t bring herself to say she supported the strike which directly helped create her department.

Has a Malcolm Tucker memo gone round Tory HQ?

Don’t say anything good about any strike ever, got it? Not Dagenham, not the work-in on the Clyde, not the Miners, not the General Strike… don’t fucking mention the Suffragettes and under no condition mention the bastard Chartists. This winter is going to be hell for us and we don’t need any pro-union soundbites coming and biting us on the arse!