A prediction which I really hope I get wrong

September 11th is an important day for a number of reasons.

First of all four planes were hijacked nine years ago and thousands of people murdered. Hijackers, mostly from Saudi Arabia, were inspired by a twisted form of Islam to “martyr” themselves to bring holy war against the US and non-Muslims in general.

Secondly, a load of religious fucknuts are burning a bunch of Qu’rans in Florida somewhere. The congregation, mostly from moronsville, are inspired by a twisted form of Christianity and Nationalism (although they are not quite in Osama’s league of course).

Chile not withstanding, perhaps most important of all, [1] Eid starts on the 10th September this year. A huge feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan. It is a pretty big deal and as a three day festival will continue throughout the 11th September.

Because the Islamic calender works on a lunar year the month of Ramadan shifts back each year. A few years ago it coincided with Christmas and now for the first time it coincides with an event, which for better or worse, many people now associate with all Muslims.

I predict that someone somewhere will point to Muslims feasting on the 11th September and say “Look! They’re celebrating 9/11!” I hope it doesn’t happen, but there has been a growing level of hostility towards Muslims recently, especially in America, and it would fit with the general misinformation and malfeasance.


[1] I’ve said “probably most important” because in aggregate, being quite important to billions Muslims for over a century millennium probably puts Eid up there with the most important things ever, not for me, but for many people. .