On being number 80 and actual matters of the utmost importance

Yep, go me.

In matters of actual importance, house hunting is still a right nightmare, so blogging is likely to continue to be sparse, but I promise to do some really good blogging when I actually get the chance.

Just to keep you all updated on said hellish house hunting, apparently all the 4 bed houses in London in September are taken by a ravenous swarm of students who descend, locust like, on the capital at the end of the summer.

So far, not one but two houses have been building sites, two have been in the middle of nowhere, two have had only three bedrooms and in one of the houses the fourth bedroom was a converted walk in wardrobe. Yep, a bloody wardrobe.

Plans in the offing include living on a houseboat temporarily to gumtreeing a bedroom in a shared house for a month while the housing market calms down, either way, bit of a pain. Needless to say I’m enjoying trying to move to London about as much as Paul Sagar enjoyed living there.