Blagging @TheEconomist

Good evening,

I have been a subscriber for many years and enjoy the Newspaper hugely.

I recently received offer GIG59 inside another publication. This offer includes a free copy of The Economist and a one gigabyte Economist Branded Memory Stick (phone 0845 357 8006 or text ECON to 60300).

I was wondering if as a long standing subscriber I could have one of these Memory Sticks posted to me free of charge.

You may as well, I could of course sign up as one of my friends or colleagues and get the Memory Stick that way, but I thought I would send a request in first.

Yours faithfully,



Sent tonight via The Economist website.


“Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email and your interest in The Economist.  We will get back to you over the next 48 hours as this is a part of The Economist commitment to deliver an excellent customer service.

Should you wish to talk to someone on our customer services team please call:

Toll Free
1 800 456 6086
1 314 447 8091

+44 (0) 1444 475647

+65 6534 5166

(Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.30 local time)

Best wishes
The Team”


4 thoughts on “Blagging @TheEconomist

    1. I work in customer service. I know it does.

      I’ve been civil, if a little smug.

      I’ve made sure to point out that resistance is futile.

      I’ve picked my target. I know The Economist treat their customer very well because it is one of the few papers which makes more money from cover sales and subscriptions than from advertising.

      I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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