Conservative Home not entirely on message

After hailing the Coalition’s radicalism, even with caveats, you would think that Conservative Home would remain fairly friendly towards the Liberal Democrats. Judging from the below image, I think somebody needs to inform the admins of Conservative Home’s  McCarthyist Left Watch.

In a typically asinine post Jonathan Isaby declares “The Green Party now wants to restrict my freedom of choice and stop me eating meat.” Was this a new manifesto promise? Nope, just a proposition for Meat Free Mondays:

Quite simply, the party’s leader and sole MP, Caroline Lucas, wants to ban me and everyone else working on the parliamentary estate from being able to eat meat on Mondays. She has written to the parliamentary catering authorities asking them to provide, on one day a week, “a totally animal-free menu in order to help tackle the world’s environmental and other problems”.

The attempt to change the menu of a private establishment through writing to someone hardly merits accusations of being “uncuddly, far-left, statist and authoritarian” in my book, but that is Isaby for you.

What caught my eye was the rather fetching “Left Watch” motif running across the top of the page – I’m sure the Tory’s coalition partners will just love it too.


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