FoolKIP: Good bye Lord Pearson

The forces of Euroscepticism win a great vitory today as UKIP lose Lord Pearson.

Lord Pearson was responsible for the below video, widely regarded as “the worst campaign interview ever.” With the loss of Lord Pearson UKIP may now approach something electable, although I doubt it.

Via Luna17


6 thoughts on “FoolKIP: Good bye Lord Pearson

  1. I see your Lord Pearson interview and raise you actor Leo McKern (“Rumpole of the Bailey”) fronting a UKIP party political broadcast in 1997 (unfortunately I can’t find a video of this).

    It started with Leo McKern ranting Europhobia at the camera, followed by a stilted conversation with UKIP founder and then leader Alan Sked.

    It was so bizarre it looked like a pastiche.

    Sked resigned from UKIP after that election saying it would always be on the fringes, and later said of them “they are racist and have been infected by the far-right.” and even, “UKIP is even less liberal than the British National Party. Certainly, there is a symbiosis between elements of the parties.”

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