“Russians calling for action on climate change after extreme heatwave & years of denialism”

As Sunny tweets, the Russians have been beaten into submission by the brute force experience of a 1 in 1000 year heat wave. Subsequently Dmitry Medvedev has called for more action on fighting global warming.

If you are having trouble visualising this then this is what a 12 degree temperature anomaly looks like.


Little need for a narrative on this one, mother nature’s “the world is warming and you’re gonna burn” shtick seems to be doing the trick.

Extreme weather events certainly focus the mind, but these events are of course weather not climate and it would be foolish to base our arguments on them.

When deniers used this winter’s snow as evidence that the world was not warming they were mocked as idiots, we would deserve the same were the tables turned.

However, extremes of temperatures have been changing, and that change closely tracks what models of climate change would predict.

Extremes of temperatures have been becoming more frequent and are going to continue to become more frequent as Climate Change advances.

However, I hope no more lethal heatwaves will be necessary to convince everyone of that and for action to be taken.


3 thoughts on ““Russians calling for action on climate change after extreme heatwave & years of denialism”

  1. Weather change is precursor to climate change. Both phenomena are interrelated.
    The difference between the two is that short-term change in the atmosphere in a particular area that may varies from minutes to months is called weather change. Climate change is the long-term change in the atmosphere about 30 years or more in a particular area. Climate changes has far more reaching consequences for the ecosystem including but not limited to Rising global temperatures, raise in sea levels, alteration of forests, crop yields, and water supplies and could affect all forms of life on earth.
    Greenhouse gases are important ingredients that keep life on this planet. However,man made devices are causing greenhouse gas levels to increase too quickly and put it off balance causing the average global temperature to rise much faster than it would naturally.

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