Symphony No. 5 in C minor

A throwaway comment about pianists from the Heresiarch led me back to Beethoven after a long estrangement.

For some reason, I only ever listen to Classical Music when studying or revising for exams; I think it needs to play a larger part in my life.


4 thoughts on “Symphony No. 5 in C minor

    1. Heh,

      I generally don’t like working in silence, but lyrics are too distracting, so its IDM or Classical for me.

      F’rinstance, at the moment I’m writing notes on some preliminary reading for my masters which starts in October and listening to Aphex Twin.

      1. Minimal tech is great for that too. A nice, constant bpm is great to work to. IDM absorbs me too much and has too much going on to let it sit in the background.

        1. Lots of classical has a lot going on in the background and I can handle that.

          Stuff can be complex and I can kinda internalise it without thinking about it too much, but singing is too human, it distracts me in a way complex orchestration does not.

          I may have to try some minimal techno at some point though. I have a nasty feeling I won’t be able to escape it.

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