Global History @ LSE: Preliminary Reading

My other blog will be starting in earnest in around six weeks. LSE have provided me with some preliminary reading a d I have found some of it for free online so, if you’re curious, take a look.

The following general list is recommended, but not required, reading for prior to arrival: J.L. Anderson, Explaining Long-term Economic Change (1991) J. Blaut, Eight Eurocentric Historians (2000) E.L. Jones, Growth Recurring (1988) Chaps 1 & 2 D. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (1998) D.C. North, ‘Epilogue: Economic Performances Through Time’ in L. Alston, T. Eggerston and D. North (eds.) Empirical Studies in Institutional Change (1 … Read More

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