Can we please build some houses on some fields!

A Map Highlighting the Green Belt AreasFurther to Duncan Stott‘s tweeting last night about the Green Belt, I would like to make it clear that although I am a country bumpkin, there is lots of space for housing out here. I for one am willing to sacrifice some of the countryside I love so that people can, you know, afford houses one day.

There are lots of unemployed people, esp. builders, and lots of people who want homes, and the UK Government can borrow for 10 years at 3.14%. Anyone think of a plan?

According to the National Office of Statistics (pdf)  “Nearly eight of every ten people in the United Kingdom lived in an urban area in 2001, according to the most recent definition of the term. Urban areas covered  8.9 per cent of the UK’s land mass at that time.”

80% of the people live in 9% of the land. That is 48 million people living 10,000 square miles. If we build on another 1,000 square miles, about 1% of the UK’s land mass, I’m sure we could squeeze in a few more houses.

There are a variety of restrictive planning laws in this country which need to be relaxed. Although we are a relatively small country we do not use our land effectively and that has real effects on the life and prosperity of Britain’s residents.


7 thoughts on “Can we please build some houses on some fields!

  1. What a good idea. It’s shocking that most commentators haven’t made the link behind an extremely low rate of house building and restrictive planning laws. Instead it’s all ‘Evil Tories won’t build houses! Waah!’

  2. The planning system is also why land prices are so high. Yes we are a small island. Yes we have over 60m people living on this piece of rock. But when you fly over this green and pleasent land you’ll find that it is still very green. Most people are squeezed into towns and cities which can’t expand. We aren’t a farming nation anymore and anyway, agriculture has advanced a lot so that it needs less land to grow more. There is still a lot of unused land available for building. It’s only the green fluffies who want the countryside to look “pretty” who are stopping this from happening. By the way, the pretty countryside is ALL manmade and maintained by man so its not natural. Also, farms are industrial factories, so if a ugly barn crops up, no one shold be able to say that it shouldn’t be built – they are effectively stopping someone from running their business.

    1. 1% of the population are in farming if memory serves correctly.

      Clever environmentalist don’t want this, because they know city living is less resource intense than rural living.

      It is a combination of the nimbyism, status quo bias, and many vocal people occasionally getting to use the planning laws directly to their advantage without realising they are actually always working agaisnt their interests indirectly.

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