Benefit Fraud: Practicalities and Positioning

Yesterday I looked at the practicality of eliminating £1bn of fraudulent benefit claims. Frankly, although I hope I sounded calm, I find the idea simply risible.

Perfection is a mirage, and a modern benefit system with no fraud is not a practical possibility.

Hopi Sen points out that the last Government was not disinterested in benefit fraud. As I explained in yesterday’s post, fraud declined from 2.1% to 0.8% in the last decade.

Much bluster and little action will follow, simply because there is little practical action you can take to eliminate much more benefit fraud.

This has been Cameron positioning to keep his base happy, a bone he is happy to throw them and I agree with Hopi when he says:

The big savings in the Benefits budget comes from paying those in need less. Admitting that his Government is moving towards that position is something Mr Cameron is less keen on.