Bah! Morons, the world is run by morons

Via Reuben:

Up in Scotland there has been some disquiet over the plans the Grampian NHS trust to enforce particularly over-the-top smoking ban. The board has been considering plans to ban nurses from smoking while on breaks or indeed at any time while in uniform. Even carrying tobacco about their person could, under the plans, have them disciplined or sacked.

Morons, and illiberal shits too.

This ban is likely to have 5 effects:

1) It will reduce the pool of people willing to work for this Trust, probably leading to poorer service and and more deaths.

2) It will damage staff morale, probably leading to poorer service and more deaths.

3) It will slightly reduce the number of people who see hospital staff smoke, this may slightly increase the numbers of those listening to the advice of doctors saying “stop smoking” and will slightly improve the air quality around the hosptial, probably leading to slightly fewer deaths.

4) It will make staff in general slightly more healthy leading to slightly fewer days being lost to sickness and death, probably leading to slightly fewer deaths.

5) It will inflate Trust Directors egos and make them feel like they are doing something useful, no net effects on service or deaths.

If we sum out the effects, the only conclusion is that those proposing this policy think the benefits of point 3), 4) and 5) outweigh the negative effects of point 1) and 2).



3 thoughts on “Bah! Morons, the world is run by morons

  1. “-the-world-is-ran-by-morons-2/”

    And commented upon by the illiterate…..

    1 and 2 are true, 3 only vaguely so (the impacts of passive smoking when said primary smoking is done outside in the open air are, even by the near lunatic estimations of people like ASH, indistinguishable from zero) 4 probably isn’t: yes, smoking kills but it also reduces stress leading to fewer deaths. The difference such a ban would make, those two or three fag breaks that people are likely to get on an 8 hour shift, almost certainly puts it all at the stress reducing end of such a spectrum, not the lung cancer causing. It’s the 40 outside of work a day that kills, not the occasional one at work.

    5 is of course true and justification for a hanging pour encourager les autres.

    1. “And commented upon by the illiterate…”

      True, I’m fairly adroit [1] with the English language but run/ran always trips me up, much as I can never spell “Unforutantely” first time round.

      I’ve been as generous as possible with why they could possibly want to do this, point 3 and 4 are evidence of this.

      Frankly, I don’t even think point 5 will result in net zero more deaths, the sort of hubris which leads people into these ridiculous policy recommendations will only be reinforced if said policies are installed. Such hubris running a hospital amongst idiot managers will result in more deaths (it was a second order effect though, so I left it out).

      [1] See what I did! I used a word with obviously French roots in a comment on the English language, this is the sort of thing that amuses me.

  2. That is really retarded. If people want to smoke where it won’t bother anyone, let them for fuck’s sake. RARGHH!

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