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Rod Liddle has featured on this blog occasionally, and rarely in a positive light.

Those that have followed Rod for a while have seen him move from a self-described man of the left to a writer for The Spectator with an unhelpful obsession with the crime rates of the black community.

He wrote a post on his Spectator blog which drew much ire from left and right, it stated as fact that that:

“the overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community.”

This was struck down as incorrect by the Press Complaints commission, and before hand had been repeatedly eviscerated by Five Chinese Crackers, Charlotte Gore, Sunny Hundal and… well, you get the picture.

Not a man to stop digging when in a hole Rod is back, again, attacking, again “the dangerous liberals who refuse to accept that young black males often come from a culture that celebrates violence, misogyny and racism.”

Oo-oh, touchy!

He has had to somewhat revise his position to prove this of course, what with his last position being somewhat vulnerable to the accusation it was…um… lies and bullshit.

After describing the murder of a man in London Rod reveals a series of facts about the murder and the murderer. In his climax he reveals the murderers are black.

This last fact will have been the least shocking to you, I suspect. You had guessed that ages ago, hadn’t you? Perhaps as a consequence of a subconscious racial prejudice within yourself, or perhaps because of a sad realisation of how things actually are, in the poorer quarters of London where black people make up at most 25 per cent of the population. As we now know the majority of street assaults, gun crimes and a disproportionate number of other crimes are believed by the police to be committed by young black males. Thirteen kids have been killed in London this year, again, from the information we have, the overwhelming majority of the perpetrators were black. [my emphasis]

It is almost sweet the linguistic gymnastics Rod employs to pretend he remains a stalwart defender of unpopular, but “true”, opinions; make no mistake, this is a massive climbdown disguised as a trenchant fightback.

Rather than discussing those who we have proved have committed crime, which for the vast majority of the time is the only logical way to discuss law and order, Rod decides that a record of those proceeded against by the police is good enough.

Of course the police are completely accountable, staunchly anti-racist and tightly controlled, so Rod’s argument is completely watertight… yeah? Right that is enough sarcasm and mockery for today, and so far of course, I’ve not had the chance to address Rod Liddle’s main point.

It appears to be “black people can be racists too”, which is the same boring anti-anti-racist point which has been made ad nauseum for years.

Black people can be racists, this is true; whether you are scum or not is not dependent on race. However, racist violence (and racist political parties), remain a predominantly white pursuit despite what you may hear.


7 thoughts on “Rod Liddle Watch

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not really following, could you elaborate?

      You’re saying because Rod Liddle has been shown to be wrong so many times that he has had to utterly reposition himself, he must, in fact, be correct?

      Or have I misrepresented you?

  1. This is a typical ad-hominem attack. It is clear you dislike Rod Liddle and what he says but you have not made an intelligent or logical refutation of his argument.

    What’s your opinion on black crime? Do you think Rod Liddle has a point no matter how much you may dislike how he makes it? If not, why not?

    1. Its not ad-hominem, you’re committing the ad-hominem-ad-hominem fallacy.

      It is only ad-hominem if the insult is irrelevant to the argument being made, in this case, he is being insulted – has been insulted repeatedly – because there is no way to point out his massive errors without it becoming an insult.

      Rod makes a number of points:

      1) That black people can be racist too. This is something trivially true. Personally, I see it is distracting from the real problems which racism presents in our society. But he certainly has a point.

      2) That the police don’t take racism from black people seriously. This may or may not be true. In the story he tells it seems the police ignored the allegedly racist intent and this is of course wrong. However, without talking to the police, or looking at the stats then I don’t know whether this problem is endemic.

      3) He seeks to imply that non-whites have some priveleged status with the police where they’re crimes are not racist. This is bunk, the police regularly ignored racist crime a decade or two ago and it was only through a series of high profile fuckups they were forced to take it seriously. That they don’t take other racist crimes seriously enough is not a sleight, it was the status-quo until they were forced to do otherwise.

      4) Rod continues to try to imply that young black men are responsible for a majority of a certain subset of crimes. In some small cases (with the caveats of age and gender) black people are a majority, and in some other cases they are certainly disproportionately involved. This is what is funny and why I justifiably attacked him, he keeps revising his ridiculous and oft-debunked views on black criminality.

      5) Rod of course puts this down to some defect in black culture and this I find hard to accept. There has always been a racist narrative about the criminality of black people, from 1950s “race riots” to 1980s rastas and 00s knife crime, black criminality (and sexuality) has always been exploited to avoid tackling racism and the poverty which many (mostly working class) black people suffer – “its their culture you see, they love smoking weed and love sitting on the dole”. This is not to completely absolve black people of course, there may be some

      What I find funny with respect to point 5, is that Rod thinks he is being edgy and daring, whereas he is just the same as every old bore from the last 60 years lamenting this and that about black people.

      Rod may have some serious points, but they are lost amongst the bluster.

      If he thinks that the police are ignoring lots of racism crime, then he should run a campaign that doesn’t seek to blame ethnic minorities for it. If Rod’s column hadn’t been so boneheaded as to keep cracking on about how awful the blacks are, I probably could have got involved.

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