Bah! Morons, the world is run by morons

This really is getting silly:

You might remember the story last November about police being issued with a 90-page elf ‘n’ safety manual on riding a bike. It was rubbish, as the Association of Chief Police Offers was quick to point out:

This work was neither requested nor drawn up by ACPO and we do not endorse it.

It was put forward by a group of well meaning police officers with an interest in this area. ACPO will not be taking it forward.

Some enthusiastic cycling policemen proposed a cycling guide for the force and it was rejected. Just another non-story (albeit one that snuck into the Independent). Except that, er, it’s now popped up in the government White Paper on police reform:

Whole shopping trolleys’ worth of guidance is loaded onto the police during the course of a year. Whether this is guidance for officers on how to dress or 92 pages on how to ride a bike – this has to be reduced.

It’s not the first time a Tory’s used tabloid rubbish to make a point, but you’d think a government document laying out policy proposals might have better standards of evidence…

I hope Jamie doesn’t mind this being exerted in full but this needs to be publicised. There is no reason to base policy on lies, there are enough real problems in the world to worry about.

Hey look over there!

This is why, despite my occasional scepticism I am still convinced of the need to blog the media until they are honest. I’ll leave the conclusion to the ever excellent Angry Mob:

My point is, as it always is, that tabloid journalism has real consequences for all of us – whether we read a tabloid newspaper or not. We are all passive tabloid readers, unavoidably inhaling the hatred, the outrage and the distorted media narratives on a range of topics that impact on our lives. You cannot stop inhaling tabloid messages by turning your head any more than you can stop inhaling a rank smoke that engulfs us all. In the end we all have a choice, we either quietly gulp it down and pretend it does not exist, or we do everything in our power to challenge it and stop it at its source.


4 thoughts on “Bah! Morons, the world is run by morons

  1. I don’t mind at all =)

    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t trying to make any point about the policy itself. There could be plenty of evidence of silly bureaucracy – but this particular example, in a White Paper no less, just isn’t backed up by the available facts.

  2. I am still convinced of the need to blog the media until they are honest…

    Fuck, man – don’t expect to see the day…

    1. No… I’m not a patient man. But just slightly more honest would be good.

      As blogging gets bigger, and I’m sure it will, there will be a lot more awareness of how shit the mainstream media is at doing stories that are actually true. People see papers as a bit of fun most of the time, but if they’re aware what they’re reading isn’t true, then they will read papers less, and then only the good ones will survive, or I hope.

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