I went to Peasemore the other day…

…you know, the place David Cameron grew up. Its very nice and that’s about all there is to say about it.

We left down a road flanked by overhanging tightly-packed trees towards Wantage that Dave must have played down as a bairn and my friends and I thought, what a nice place to grow up.


One thought on “I went to Peasemore the other day…

  1. Part of me suspects that his environmental concerns are genuine, because he just “gets” places like Peasemore & those like it in a way that an urbanite might not.

    I gew up in a very rough area of Stoke. A lot of my neighbours didn’t have cars, & those who did generally went to & from work & that was it. Me & my brother were probably the only people in the wole area who were taken to the countryside etc. on a regular basis, which has definitely informed my views & development in general.

    I am concerned that children of modest origins should be able to have this sort of experience of nature, & visits to farms etc, because it really is useful in all kinds of ways. They’ve even got a term, “nature deficit disorder”, to desribe those who are denied this. Partly due to risk averse parenting but also due to sheer lack of opportunity.

    I myself left my surroundings (an area almost as grotty as where I grew up) & cycled out to Shropshire this morning. I can’t drive so it is what I mainly do. I love that part of the world, especially the south of the county, although the north is also excellent & is where I go more because it’s closer too.

    Mind you, it was a fairly nasty life for the farm labourers in those days. Reading a book such as “Akenfield” rubs in how grim it was.

    I once read a book about Camoron, “The Rise Of The New Conservative”. I didn’t think it was worth spending money on so I sat there in the library reading it over 5 lunchtimes! That lays quite a bit of emphasis on his rural pursuits. Apparently he likes a good swim in rivers etc, which is a good thing in my book. Too many waterways are closed due to risk aversion, & also because of being roped off for pointless shite like angling & boating.

    Good stuff. Got a bit carried away with commenting at epic length. But I am interested in rural areas… so long as I don’t have to do a land-based job :)

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