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As the more observant of you will have noticed I am moving to London at the end of September to study Global History at the London School of Economics. LSE is of course the university of Tim Worstall and Global History was the course of the much missed Giles Wilkes. Who knows what’ll happen to me?

Well, you guys will know what’ll happen to me! I’ve set up a new blog “Global History @ LSE” in which I plan to document my study.

Mostly for my benefit – typing up notes is a good way to go over the material a second time and with all my material online I can study anywhere with an internet connection.

But it is also open to all and sundry, i.e. you guys. Not much going on there now but I had a free afternoon to create it. Check it out.


4 thoughts on “Check out my new blog

  1. Ooh, fancy! i thought about leaving a juvenile ‘first!’ in your comment section but then thought twice when i considered that eminent thinkers might read it one day.

    Good luck etc, and i look forward to your first gratuitous academic spat!

  2. In what way is Giles Wilkes ‘much missed’? He dallied with some liberal left ideas, then took the filthy lucre and power that his social status and background ‘entitled’ him to. Being intelligent and having a good way with words doesn’t excuse that – it makes it worse.

    1. Sounds like you’re not really a fan of Giles these days.

      I certainly enjoyed his blog and engaged pretty constructively with him on China, migration, Brown’s gold and he turned me on to things monetary and some good US economics blogs. I’d rather he was blogging than not.

      I find it hard to hold grudges against Liberals. Small c conservatives I’ve nothing but disdain for, but I can see the appeal of liberalism, it offers a very neat package philosophically and practically.

      He worked at a Liberal Think Tank and then the Liberals got in to power, I can’t really begrudge him taking advantage of that. I have faith in him acting in good faith in Government, and being competent.

      Of course, doing the wrong thing well is usually worse than doing the wrong thing badly, but I hope he acts as something of a moderating influence in Vince’s office. He’s no vulgar free-market ideologue and his disdain for Osborne should see him well.

  3. Well, at least he might get a slot in my post-in-draft on whether redemption is possible.

    There are loads of bright youngish things who could be data-fawning over Vince Cable’s latest attempts to salve his own sullied conscience. Giles Wilkes has more gumption than that, and would have been more socially useful on the outside commenting in. That’s what’s so disappointing.

    Anyway he’s global history. Make sure you learn from his mistakes.

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