Zac Goldsmith’s car crash interview

This is incredibly embarrassing.

Facing charges of electoral irregularity, Zac Goldsmith thinks he can moan about Jon Snow’s lack of deference and get a way with it.

Goldsmith seems a particularly out of touch candidate for a number of reasons. Obviously there’s his conduct during the interview which makes him seem incredibly juvenile. More fun are the little misconceptions from which he suffers.

One of the alleged electoral misdemeanours is that both jackets and customisable “I Back Zac” stickers were bought, but only a the cost of the stickers not the jackets were reported, allegedly leading to a significant and criminal under-reporting of his campaign expenditure.

Jon Snow accidentally claims, while having to talk over an erratic Goldsmith, that he “had [the jackets] made” to which Goldsmith responds “we didn’t have them made, they’re off the shelf.” Yes, you’re right readers! Goldsmith works under the assumption that everything is tailor made; bespoke anoraks abound in Goldsmith’s world.

What a strange man. I almost feel sorry for him, almost…

Hat Tip Jim Jepps.


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  1. I feel sorry for the people that elected him. Hang on Richmond? No, I don’t then. Tool for tools.

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