Remembering (via Too Much To Say For Myself)

On July 7th 2005 I was in London. I was there to attend a meeting at the UNISON HQ building, which is at the corner of Euston Rd and Mabledon Place, about 400 metres from King’s Cross Station, and just a few streets away from both Tavistock Square and Russell Square. Unusually for me I’d taken the decision to travel down the night before and stay over at the Novotel, which is directly opposite UNISON HQ on Euston Rd: a random decision, but one fo … Read More

via Too Much To Say For Myself

One thought on “Remembering (via Too Much To Say For Myself)

  1. I’d only been a Londoner for about a year by then , maybe a little bit more, it was odd, the atmosphere on the trains for the next few days, after they re-opened was tense, sensitive but with a veneer of “it’s alright”.

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