Two propositions on the state and wealth creation for Charlotte Gore

I know I really should stop, shouldn’t I? I just can’t help picking this scab…

Even if you consider the courts, the police, the road network and all the other infrastructure, non of these create wealth. At least, not for the Government or the public sector.

It’s the private sector that generates the wealth. And these lovely things? They’re all paid for by.. yep… the private sector. ;)

That’s Charlotte Gore on the inability of the state to generate wealth commenting on my last piece. The Government, by its very nature, has no means of creating wealth itself, she writes in a blog which inspired my original blog last week.

That the state cannot produce wealth is her proposition, and it is completely unsubstantiated in anything which she has ever written so far. Personally, I am willing to go further and say that she will never substantiate it, because it is not true.

I have some propositions with which to test her, which will hopefully bring Charlotte Gore into the reality based community, should she wish to join. Continue reading