Something to delight Tim Wostall and discombobulate environmentalists

Tim Worstall frequently takes delight in pointing out that some of the anti-capitalist things some greens suggest would likely increase carbon emissions. So this ones for him.

Intensive farming bad? No, Intesive farming good.

The study included carbon dioxide and other gases such as methane emitted by rice paddies. It found that, overall, the intensification of farming helped keep the equivalent of 600 billion tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere – roughly a third of all human greenhouse-gas emissions between 1850 and 2005.

The emissions were avoided because the green revolution boosted crop yields – for instance by promoting hybrid varieties that had higher yields, and through widespread distribution of pesticides and fertilisers. This meant that more food could be produced without having to slash vast swathes of forest to expand farmland.

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